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Borescope & Cavities

Confirming As-Built Details

Our approach enables surveys to large areas of wall to be carried out quickly, with minimal damage and disruption to the building and it's inhabitants.

Utilising an array of boroscopes with all works being carried out via 8-10 mm holes drilled through the mortar bed, with this HTA can determine the actual as-built details such as wall tie location and pattern.

Boroscope surveys can determine

The following lists give an example of the Boroscope work carried out by HTA, these lists are not exhaustive however give an idea of the range of investigations carried out. If what you require is not on the list, contact us and we will accommodate your needs.

  • Wall Ties - determining location & spacing
  • Wall Ties - determining type and embedment length
  • Wall Ties - determining condition
  • Drip Trays - determining presence & Condition
  • Header restraints - determining presence & condition
  • Fire Stops - determining presence
  • Insulation Systems - determining presence

Boroscope Surveys from Henderson Thomas Associates - HTA

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